Headquartered in Chicago, McDonagh Construction, LLC, is a reputable, sizeable, general contractor, specializing in both medium and large-scale undertakings, across all sectors: commercial construction, industrial construction, governmental construction including school construction projects and residential projects.

McDonagh Construction is an active Aviation General Contractor, with a variety of projects, past and present, at O’Hare International Airport and also at Midway Airport. Our trained, skilled and talented, experienced crews and management carefully orchestrate each project, and manage each through its life cycle; we own, operate and maintain a very extensive fleet of equipment, large and small, from the largest of Excavators, to ATVs.

At McDonagh Construction, we actively partner with governmental agencies, architects and engineers, local construction companies, and a wide-range of vendors and subcontractors, each high-qualified in their specific field. Right the initial “what it” and “look see” stage of what a project will develop into, through negotiations of project particulars, the right methods and solutions, costs to complete the client’s desires, and then from mobilization to completion, McDonagh has what you’re looking for. We’ll assist you to assess need, identify the best route to achieve the desired results to fulfill that need, and we’ll deliver. We’ll take you, expertly, through the permitting process, engineering and re-engineering, any necessary testing – air, water, soil – down to the all important onsite management of your project. You can trust that, here at McDonagh Construction, LLC, we do it all.

  • Design Build

    McDonagh Construction’s Design-Build services mean efficient delivery time and numerous...
  • Site Preparation

    McDonagh Construction has over 10 years of experience in readying project sites of varying...
  • Site Development

    McDonagh Construction’s experienced staff will help guide site owners from the...
  • Excavation

    McDonagh Construction has the experience, personnel and equipment to excavate...
  • Site Recycling

    McDonagh Construction is going green. All materials that can be recycled and diverted ...
  • Environmental Remediation

    McDonagh Construction has completed projects containing asbestos abatement...
  • Sewer & Water

    McDonagh Construction has years of experience with installation, repair, or removal...
  • General Contracting

    McDonagh Construction will oversee the entire project schedule while managing all vendors...
  • Demolition Services

    McDonagh has the experience and expertise to demolish any size project from large...