McDonagh Construction has worked in a variety of fields, and in commercial construction. Our experience with commercial contractors and commercial construction companies, as well as commercial general contractors, and industrial construction companies, lend well to our ability to carefully oversee your entire project schedule, from the very beginning, all the while managing staff, crews, vendors and trades — and continuously striving to keep our Owners both informed and up to date, on all activities and happenings that impact your project.

Tapping in to the history and successes of our sister division, we’re your go-to choice for demolition, of any size. From large, industrial undertakings, to smaller, residential properties, and even selective interior projects. With over 10 years of experience, readying project sites for “future development” to the Chicago Public Schools for their school construction projects, and even our two major airports, O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport as an aviation general contractor, we have what it takes to handle any project. Following detailed and specific guidelines, set by the Owner’s scope of work and other vital criteria, we can handle it all including excavation, backfill and grading project sites and buildings, of all shapes and sizes. With extensive past handling of installation, repair and/or removal of all types of storm and sanitary sewers, and water service lines you will find the keys to the success of any endeavour with McDonagh, for projects and undertakings of any size.

We’ve worked with commercial building contractors and industrial building construction companies to tackle and complete projects, including asbestos abatement; hazardous, non-hazardous, and special waste disposal; and above or below ground storage tank removal and disposal – and we’re going “Green”. All materials which can be recycled and diverted from the waste stream, are sent to transfer centers. Recycled items include but are not limited to: lumber, metal, asphalt, masonry and concrete.

Our owners are our partners as we help to guide them, from the pre-construction phases of planning and/or design, through the close-out process and on to grand openings and we can deliver to you, customized building information modeling (BIM services), to assist in developing the best solutions for you, tailored to suit your specific requirements and help fulfill your needs.

McDonagh staff have a great deal of experience working with vertical real estate companies, ATC, Spectrasite, Crown Castle and more; they possess a deep background in constructing hundreds of new site builds (NSB) and expanding infrastructure including Monopoles, self-supporters, guyed towers, and roof tops, across the industry.

“Design-Build” services, translates to efficient delivery times as well as other numerous benefits to the client; when Design-Build is utilized, we cover both the design and the construction of the project, resulting in lower costs and more timely construction and delivery speed.

Call upon McDonagh to successfully manage each project throughout its life cycle. Our ability and attention to detail is clearly demonstrated in all facets of each and every project we complete. With experienced Estimators and their talent in providing timely and accurate proposals, coupled with the manpower and organization to complete any project, we can meet any schedule, regardless of the complexities of the scope or limitations of time. (Examples of Recent Projects – LINK)

Let us provide for you a quality product, while managing your project most efficiently and effectively. We understand an Owner’s need to complete a project within budget and on schedule and, we stand behind the work that we perform, regardless of size. Rely upon us to ensure that, the project you entrust to McDonagh not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Pride in Ownership: With McDonagh, you will experience that pride in ownership we each enjoy, when we deliver to each Client, a quality, finished product – and you can be confident that, we have the know-how necessary to provide it all to you, faster and more efficiently, right down to response times in the submission of proposals, and the mobilization of manpower and equipment, than you will commonly find in the construction industry. When you look to McDonagh Construction, you’ll find a professional organization, who takes great pride in enjoying a satisfied customer.