Management Team

McDonagh, Geraldine

Having 20 years of successful experience to her credit, Geraldine is a leader in taking a startup to the next level. Her experience isn’t simply limited to the American market as she also has several years of experience in the foreign market, with multiple construction companies. She’s an Entrepreneurial spirit and professional executive, an excellent communicator, with an in-depth understanding of what’s required, to graduate from the small, family owned business, to the successful launch of a mid- to large-scale, multi-tiered organization. With Geraldine at the helm, the organization serves such clients and areas as the City of Chicago, Northern and Central Illinois, the Department of Aviation and the Chicago Public School system, as well as developing an integral part of the O’Hare Modernization program, with multiple and simultaneous projects ranging, in scale, from $1million to upwards of $50million, at any given time. Her accomplishments include negotiating and establishing professional banking relationships for a business, line of credit, as well as the day-to-day running of the Company, and in support of her vision and growth of the business.

McDonagh, Coleman

Coleman McDonagh is the driving force behind the organization, with experience spanning two continents, with construction experience in the U.K. His 20 years of construction experience in the U.S., and a vast working knowledge of the industry, the equipment, and each of the varying needs of any particular project put him at the forefront of everything we do and have accomplished: from supplying and overseeing the manpower and equipment, to abiding the tight and demanding schedules required by our large and often complex projects, on-time and on budget. In addition to his excellent qualifications for our industry, Coleman McDonagh has a variety of pertinent certifications and expertise, which include his OSHA Certification, as well as being a Plumber, Inspector Certification for Asbestos, and Operating Engineer, with M.O.E.

Dadian, Paul

Paul secured his degree from Southern Illinois University, in Aviation Management, and since that time has held a variety of roles with notable companies, including American Airlines. His executive leadership in aviation and governmental construction, have each enabled him to provide both management and direction to the McDonagh team, both in demolition and in construction. He has extensive experience in everything from new construction of taxiways, runways, terminals, FAA navigational facilities, to the coordination of all life safety training activities with over 40 governmental agencies, including the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management Communications and U.S. Government agencies including the FBI, ATF, CPD SWAT, and Bomb and Arson, all of which find him perfectly positioned as a logical and valuable asset to any team. Paul has managed and overseen projects ranging from hundreds of thousands, to in excess of $50million. Today, he provides direct oversight to the McDonagh organizational staff, with a history of notable roles ranging from Resident Engineer to Liaison for the City of Chicago and the neighboring communities of O’Hare airport, all of which has provided him the necessary acumen and tools to take the organization to the next level.

The Support Team


Baker, Roger

With his degree in Civil Engineering, Roger Baker brings a wealth of knowledge in his 40 year tenure in construction. His experience includes Management, supervising and directing all aspects of the Projects he has overseen. Included in Roger’s arsenal of experience, he has handled light rail transit, aviation, petro-chemical and nuclear power projects, each in the commercial arena. His successful management and execution of all things, from cost and quality control, to estimating and field supervision find him a valuable asset and a leader in his field, with 30+ years specific to Project Management. Having worked in and with a variety of organizations, in a number of roles which include Program Manager, Construction Manager and Project Manager, and Senior Oversight Manager on projects ranging in value well in excess of $500million, he is an integral and valuable member of the McDonagh Team bringing an experience, knowledge and a degree of professionalism not easily achieved.

Balek, Dan

With his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Detroit, and having more than 16 years of extensive experience and first-hand working knowledge in a variety of relevant areas of construction, coupled with considerable expertise in Safety Management and Staffing, his talents also include: estimating, bids / proposals, take-offs, payouts, material sourcing, pricing, purchasing, and staff supervision. Dan’s background in job site Safety and Project Management, having performed in the capacity of Supervisor, and including labor and material flow, union relations, scheduling and coordination with other trades, in addition to his vast knowledge of construction materials, equipment, technology and regulations, optimal interpersonal skills evident through all of his communication with clients, engineers, sub-contractors and other trades make him a valuable asset to the organization. His professional dealings and interface with clients, to provide guidance in the areas of project estimation, price modification and general construction, he is also a premiere networker through his roster of already established contacts; Dan applies his proven negotiating skills to secure the deal and build value.

Cullen, Brian

Formally educated at St. Francis, Joliet, Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance. His talents are many and his teambuilding and servant leadership skills, combined with his vast experience as entrepreneur, business owner and upper level manager, identify him as a leader in any field. Among his numerous abilities, Brian also has considerable history in estimating, property loss, and the supervision of any demolitions or renovations then resulting, a useful background to McDonagh. Among his work history experiences, Brian has held the offices of Director, Vice-President and President, and with organizations to include Servpro, Ty Incorporated (Oakbrook) and even Toyota Motor Credit. He is a board member and/or has a seat on the board of Directors of more than one organization, and he is a valuable asset to the McDonagh team.

Mandile, Kristina

With in excess of 12 years in the industry, and extensive work experience with both the JOC and O’Hare Modernization programs, Kristina is well-suited for her position as the direct liaison between internal and external Project Managers, as well as McDonagh and Client management personnel. She has 9 years experience in the contract administration area, to include the handling of all facets of documentation and submissions for clients such as the City of Chicago, ranging from prompt and comprehensive Submittals and Pay Applications, to the handling of Insurance and Certified payroll, RSA’s and Change Orders, as and when necessary. Kris’ dedication and hands-on approach to working with her Subcontractors, colleagues and even insurance brokers is clearly visible in the quality and quantity of her delivery. She also has, to her credit, 3 years of experience with another larger General Contractor, having kept charge of all owned and rented equipment for each site, and the added handling of all ComEd reporting and tracking.


Soria, Tony

Tony Soria has been engaged heavily in the construction industry, for over 25 years. His working knowledge of the reading and utilization of all aspects; sketches, building plans and blueprints to prepare project layouts and determine dimensions and scale, as well as materials necessary, make him a valuable member of our team. He is skilled in negotiation and conflict resolution, and capable to handling these functions with peers, management and with owners, contractors and design professionals. Tony’s education and training include certifications in geometric layout, blueprint reading, LEED as well as Safeway Scaffold erecting, and he is OSHA Certified. In addition, he is certified as a welder, for up to 12-gauge structural steel, and is knowledgeable in Microsoft OFFICE, Fast-Track and CAD Software, and is bi-lingual.

Tyrrell, Josh

Josh Tyrrell secured a number of degrees, one from SIU, Carbondale, each critical to our industry, to include Technical Resource Management and Management Technology, each in Construction; he is also IDOT and OSHA Certified. His core competencies include a variety of necessary areas not the least of which are field engineering, cost estimating, contract management and contractor relations, as well as procurement and bid packaging. Josh’s professional background includes 10 years experience in both the design and construction of large scale, multi-trade endeavors, while implementing “best practices” through sustainable initiative. Highlights of his career and experience include certifications in CPR/AED/First aid, as well as performing Volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity, and Crab Orchard Refugee Renovation.