Client – Chicago Dept. of Aviation
Project – Butch O’Hare Relocation
Overview – In an effort to utilize space previously occupied by the “Butch” O’Hare Aircraft Exhibit, the exhibit was relocated to a new location within the Terminal. The project consisted of constructing a new space for the exhibit by removing an existing overhead steel framed glass wall, installation of a new storefront wall system, and relocation of the aircraft exhibit. Work also included terrazzo flooring repairs, painting of walls and columns, and construction of new display boards for the exhibit. Upon it’s opening, the new location now offers a lounge area with general seating for viewing of the exhibit. The previous location is now being utilized for gating domestic flights.

Butch O'Hare Photo 1 Butch O'Hare Photo 3 Butch O'Hare Photo 4 Butch O'Hare Photo 5

Butch O'Hare Photo 6