Client: Chicago Department of Aviation

Overview: The project consisted of a high-end interior build-out of two existing corridors at the international terminal formerly used for luggage cart returns. The corridors were completely renovated along with the addition of two kiosk areas for federal inspection checkpoints. Custom material finishes such as terrazzo tile flooring, baffled ceiling and light beams, colored tempered glass wall panels and perforated stainless steel wall panels were installed in the corridors and kiosk areas.

The project also included major upgrades to corridors HVAC and fire protections systems. Two bag belts used for oversized luggage adjacent to the corridors were reconstructed to make room for the kiosks. Federal inspection booths were relocated from existing checkpoints to the kiosks to be utilized for the One-Stop Program.

The corridors and kiosks were equipped with fire rated doors at both ends of the corridors, an emergency exit door in the middle of each corridor, and overhead grille doors at the kiosks. Airport surveillance equipment and security hardware was installed to maintain required security measures.

Year completed: 2014

One-Stop Corridor (Before):


One-Stop Corridor (After):ohare_one-stop_corridor_after

One-Stop Kiosk (After):