Client – City of Chicago

Project – City Hall Water Meter Valves

Overview – Demolition of 8 existing pipe and Replace the existing 8 incoming water service per the following Victaulic System. Forty year old valves that supply water to City Hall. The project required much preparation due to completion required within one weekend due to the water needed for restrooms and the fire protection system. In addition special safety requirements were needed because existing valves were removed via torch in an area of fiber optic and communications lines. The scope of work was to remove the 6 inch and 8 inch cast iron piping along with the associated valves, hangers, supports, and water meter. The existing Victaulic System was replaced along with a new water meter and its associated features (piping, valves, hangers and supports) to complete installation. McDonagh began after hours on a Friday and completed it late Sunday causing no disruption to City Hall business.

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