Client – City of Chicago
Project – Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Overview – Harold Washington Library is a multifaceted project consisting of the following:

A. Creation of a new interior Diesel Generator Room within the loading dock area to house an 800 KW 480 V standby generator with a 550 gallon capacity day tank. The diesel generator is connected to a new switchboard and distribution panel with electrical feeds to a new fire pump control panel and automatic transfer switches to provide power to the eleven floor library consisting of approximately 972,000 SF including the rooftop garden penthouse. Flue and vent lines are piped to the building exterior partially enclosed to the third floor elevation.
B. Upgrades to the existing fire alarm control system with replacement of main fire alarm control panels, enunciator panels, voice and notification panels, connection of unit duct detectors and diesel generator with replacement and addition of fire alarm strobes and detectors.
C. Cooling Tower Refurbishment of Six (6) Cooling Tower Cells including the removal and replacement of fill media, protection of heaters, sensors and flow switches, sandblasting of interior basins and cooling tower walls, galvanized steel patches, removal and replacement of sump screens and vortex eliminator plates, elastomeric membrane system applied to all sandblasted areas, furnish and install new OEM sump screens and OEM vortex eliminator plates, new nozzles with reinstallation of cleaned PVC spray branch distribution piping.
D. Removal and replacement of existing Cooling Tower Roofing System with repair of damage concrete roofing deck, installation of vapor barrier, polyisocyanurate insulation, dens deck overlay board and PVC roofing membrane with perimeter flashing and concrete pavers.


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